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May 28th - June 5th 

Every relationship needs communication to grow, expand, and thrive - including the one you have with yourself! 


One of my favorite daily practices is writing love letters to myself. Being there unconditionally to support and love myself, to listen to what emotions I am feeling, and to give myself love and compassion every day is what has really brought me to a place of embodying radical self-love. 


It is the same way you would show up for someone you love in your daily life and you deserve that too! Especially from yourself! 


So for 9 days, I challenge you to get to know yourself better through open communication and writing to yourself. To talk with yourself through your daily feelings, whether they are passions wanting to be heard or a part of you that needs to be held and comforted. 


“I want to be so in love with my life, that every morning when I wake, I feel like I have been kissed for the very first time” 


I wrote this back in 2018 and this is exactly what will happen when you begin to create a deep and meaningful relationship within yourself. I am living proof! ♥️ 


So please join me in this 9 day challenge. Let’s fall into sacred union with ourselves, in every aspect of who we are!

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