This medicine bracelet "Shakti Rise" is created to assist in activating your inner light, allowing your soul expression to bloom from the depths of who you are, helping you step  into the wisdom of your deepest truth. Created to awaken stability and balance within all aspects of who you are mind, body, and soul -  Activating your divine humanity in the purest way.


These Garnet crystals were activated & charged at the sacred site, Serpent Mound. This site emanates the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine.


There are 5 garnet beads representing all aspects of who you are, activating and awakening your souls light in every cell of your body. These intentions and the sacred wisdom from each direction are anchored with 4 rosewood beads. 


Activating the Medicine:

As above, so below, as within, so without, I embrace and embody my sacred divine light in all that I am


*I created these bracelets as a tool to assist on your spiritual path. You are the one who has the power to heal your life and create transformation!* 


I pour my heart and soul into all I weave! I hope that this creation helps support you on your spiritual path! 


Sending you lots of love!


Shakti Rise | Garnet and Rosewood

  • If your medicine bracelet ever breaks, you can send me all of the beads and I will re-weave it for you for free!

    * I do not provide replacement beads *

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