“Unlovable: Broken Pieces of Songs and Memories” takes the reader on a poignant journey of emotion, inviting them to shine a light on the areas of their hearts and minds that are hidden in plain sight. Through brave storytelling and compelling diction, Harmony Nixon confronts the darkness in a way that inspires others to do the same. Within the pages of this book, the reader will be reacquainted with their fierce, courageous self, instigating a whole new level of healing. These heartfelt musings of an intuitive healer are a form of catharsis that imparts each reader with an unshakable sense of hope during a time of great hardship.

Unlovable: Broken Pieces of Songs and Memories

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  • "I keep getting these chills course through me as I read each page. This is unlike anything I have read. I'm not sure how to articulate the genius of this writing, but I'll try...There are both literary and visual depth that takes you to a time and place. Words that pull heart strings, words that tap into my memory bank, and words that make you feel the place where the pit of your stomach is. I had to go back and reread multiple pages because it hit me so deep. I love the way it transitions and unfolds...I already want to buy 6 copies for me and people I know."

    -Melissa M.


    “Your words are so tremendously powerful! First off, the courage you have to share this is so needed in our world! It is your unique and powerful experience of transformation reuniting with your true self, your soul. I am still processing all of it, I am going to read this again and again! I love the style of this so much, each individual poem creates the big picture of your journey, and that beautiful journey is still unfolding. You are a powerful intelligent and loving woman with so much to share with this world! There were so many lines that just hit me, and brought tears to my eyes…Also, your poems helped me to come back in touch with my own shadow that has still been needing some major healing...”

     -Christie Krasteva


    "This book spoke to all the broken pieces of me, holding them, witnessing them and reassuring that they too were seen and loved. I found myself connecting to all the different 'yous' that have come and gone through my own life, the voices that left me feeling like I needed to be more and the power that comes through ones own realization that you were waiting to come home to yourself all along. It is such a tender, raw, and vulnerable collection encouraging us all to peer honestly into our hearts, to soften and choose compassionate grace - for ourselves and everyone. Infinite gratitude for this heart expansion."

    -Vanessa L.


    "I was drawn in with the beautiful haunting pictures; wiping away tears of that beautiful pain. Soaking all of your delicious, raw, authentic, TRUTH that spilled all over these pages. I am in utter satisfaction of what I just encountered through words from you and your Soul!"

    -Holly Altman


    "Poetess Harmony Nixon’s unique form of poetic storytelling is unwavering in its confrontation with the darkness. This rising voice has penned a book that goes beyond entertainment; it's a healing force to be reckoned with."

    – Evy Zen, Poet and founding editor of Poehemian Press


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