Medicine Meditations guide you into your Soul,  into your wild beauty where your magic is alive and dancing, singing in unison with all of life. The sacred world invites you to know yourself through its eyes. You are sacred, you are holy, you are  l o v e. 


Grandmother Moon - Illuminating Your True Self

Length - 24 minutes


In this medicine meditation, I guide you into connection with Grandmother Moon as you walk deeper and deeper into your own inner light. As you embody more of who you are, on a soul level, you will feel more balanced, peaceful, and aligned with your inner voice - feeling gently guiding through the ebbs and flows of daily living.


This Medicine Meditation is weaved with healing energy to work gracefully within your energy field as you listen and journey.


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Grandmother Moon | Medicine Meditation

  • All Medicine Meditations are created by Harmony Nixon and are copyrighted material. This meditation is sold for personal use and is not permitted to be used in any other way.

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