ThetaHealing® and Empowering Downloads for you!

Hello Loves! I hope you are all doing well! I am excited to share with you about the ThetaHealing® Technique. I will share a healing with you as well, but first I want to talk about this modality.  I have studied this technique and the philosophy behind it for 8 years before finally becoming a certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner. This technique has been a powerful tool in my own healing journey, helping me transform my life from the inside out! I am devoted to learning all I can about healing the mind, body, and soul so I can share, inspire, and empower others through the wisdom I receive through my continuous journey of self-mastery and radical self-love.  Thetahealing® is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy that connects us deeper into ourselves - harmonizing the mind, body, and soul as we embody our connection to the Creator of all that is. It is through this connection that we are able to clear limiting beliefs, patterns, and trapped emotions gracefully as we shift ourselves into alignment with our Souls purpose and truth. Thetahealing® is a powerful tool for creating an empowered and positive lifestyle that we all can use! I have learned from many modalities and philosophies in my life so far, but ThetaHealing® has such a special place in my heart. It has taught me how to find the Divine within myself and how to command miracles through my own sacred sovereignty. We are all Divine beings living as humans in this life and my passion is reminding others of their sacred inner light. I have healed deep set childhood trauma, self-rejection, body dysmorphia, depression, anxiety, and the way I view the world and myself. This may sound freaking dramatic, but I am serious! I have healed so much in my life and I FINALLY feel at home in my body and empowered in my ability to create my life while also remaining humble as I surrender into the flow of my own Soul. If you would like to experience ThetaHealing® for yourself, you can book a Session with me! One of my favorite ways is to share this empowered energy is through belief  work or “downloads” which is all done by connecting with the Creator , which connects us all. It is that spark of life that dances through every living being on this planet. Belief work is so powerful as it can instantly shift the subconscious mind through a higher perspective, straight from the Divine. I will be sharing empowered belief downloads with you all more regularly. I always intend that this work helps everyone in the best and highest way. Your permission is always needed to receive. Would you like to receive some downloads now? Close your eyes and take a deep breath, put your hand on your chest, and relax into your heart. Say “YES”to receive these downloads. * I know what it feels like to connect to the Divine truth of who I am, with grace and ease * I know how to live my life empowered in my truth * It is safe to live in my empowered truth now Take another deep breath and pay attention to how you feel about your truth and empowerment over the next few days, see if anything shifts! Belief downloads are a small part of this healing modality but are powerful on their own. In sessions we work a lot on energy clearing, releasing, transforming, healing work, soul exploration, and belief downloads. Most importantly I help you find your way back to yourself so you can feel empowered in healing and transforming your life! If you enjoyed these downloads and would like to receive more, let me know by replying to this e-mail! I hope you all are having a wonderful day! Sending you all lots of love! -Harmony

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