Summer Solstice Healing

Hello Loves! Today I am bringing through a Summer Solstice Healing for you all!

What this will do is help release all of the trapped emotions, stagnant energy, and current limiting beliefs that you are ready to let go of at this time for your best and highest good. Also within this healing you will be energetically placed in The Golden Ray Healing grid which helps open you up for new frequencies and downloads coming in at this time. It helps expand your energy out and connect you even more deeply to the oneness as you gracefully anchor these new frequencies. This healing can be activated at any time beyond the summer solstice as well.

This healing has been created in a timeless space to be activated whenever you choose. So if you are ready for this healing, sit back and relax, find some relaxing music if you wish, and be open to receiving. This healing will go for 1 hr after activating.

Say to yourself


Feel free to share your experiences below or you can find me through my fb link! Sending you all lots of love!


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