Soul Speaks

The universe is always speaking with us on a deeper level; all we have to do is remember to listen and trust our intuition.If we open our hearts and step beyond the veils between our mind and soul, we will step into the sacred otherworld.

This world is full of soul, wisdom, mystery, and a deeper understanding beyond what our minds can conceive. Let us become the bridge between the mind and soul, uniting the two worlds in loving union, grounded within our own bodies.

We are more than our minds. We are more than our emotions. If we can truly step into our souls' expansiveness and embody our truth, we can live our lives aligned with the flow of life itself.

Who are you beyond your emotions?

Who are you beyond your thoughts?

You exist within and beyond your humanity. What a beautiful thing to have our soul and humanity blended together in this beautiful and sometimes chaotic existence. This understanding is what helps me lovingly guide my emotions and thoughts. I do not fall into them, and I definitely do not allow them to control my life. Well, sometimes I do, we all do — but remembering that we are all sacred and are soulfully sovereign over our personal lives, guides me back to my truth.

I allow the natural world to teach me. Soul moves through the trees and the night sky. It shines from our Sun and the misty light of our Moon. Soul speaks to me through birds, animals, and the intoxicating scents of blooming flowers. When the clouds roll across the sky, and the wind blows by, the universe speaks, and I have learned to listen. Living life connected with the sacred world and the voice of creation has brought me home to myself.

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Grandmother Moon, teach me to shine in the dark.

Opening yourself up to a deeper union with the sacred world requires surrender, trust, and the willingness to realize that you exist outside of the mind and that the wisdom and understanding of the sacred world comes from your soul, and it may not ever make sense to our mind.

The Oxford dictionary definition of intuition is - the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

When you begin to build a relationship with the scared world within and around you, your life will start to transform in miraculous ways as you become more embodied in the truth of who you are. You are already whole and complete RIGHT NOW. It’s this connection that awakens us to this truth.

What would living your life be like without your thoughts victimizing you or drowning in your emotions. How would it feel if you were to understand from a higher perspective that you are not a victim to your reality and that you can actually co-create your reality?

In my experience, our self-beliefs are the main ingredients that create our experience of living. If we carry many beliefs about how we are not good enough, that life is out to get us, that we are not important, or we are unlovable - the experience you have in life will create itself out of those foundational beliefs.

As an example: The reality created from those beliefs may look like this -

You are always secretly seeking validation from others because you can’t trust yourself. You may overwork and overextend yourself trying to prove your worth, but it is never enough, no matter how much you do. You spend so much time caring for others and trying to make others happy to earn their love, but no matter how much you give, you never feel that you receive enough love back to fill you up. Most of the time, you feel like you are constantly running from a deep empty feeling that you can’t even describe, let alone understand.

This example of how these self-limiting beliefs may show up in life seems like a miserable way to live. I know personally because these were some of the self-limiting beliefs I held for most of my life. It was exhausting, and I never could maintain the deep fulfillment I had searched for outside of myself.

You can change your beliefs through the willingness to become self-aware and understand the core of these emotions and longings.

Be willing to ask yourself some deep questions to uncover the truth beneath your limiting beliefs. Many self-limiting beliefs come from experiences that happened as we were growing up and how we were taught to be in the world.

If you feel unworthy or not good enough in your life, go back to the first time you felt this way. What happened? Could you view that situation from a different perspective? What was a piece of wisdom you learned from having that experience?

Feeling unlovable is a big one that a lot of us have felt. When was the first time you ever felt unloved? What do you need to receive the love that you have always craved? How can you embrace that from within?

When you begin to deepen your connection with yourself by understanding your emotions and why you feel the way you do - you are stepping into self-leadership. You have what it takes to lead yourself into your wholeness. Remember who you are. Talk to your insecurities as if you were giving a friend a pep-talk when they are feeling down. Step outside of how you have always viewed yourself, and look at yourself through loving eyes. Love yourself back to the truth that you are enough, you are loved, you are connected, and you have what it takes to create a life full of meaning and happiness.

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Connect to yourself, connect to nature, connect to the mystery of all of it. Life is beautiful and messy, but one thing is for sure - you are meant to be here right now, and you have the power to transform your life. Your soul is always guiding you. Listen.

Leave a comment below, like, or share this blog post if it has helped you in anyway! I really appreciate your feedback and I love hearing from you!

I am sending you all lots of love!


P.S. Click here to watch a video about embracing who you truly are by shifting your beliefs!

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