Self-Love isn’t...

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Self-love isn’t accepting all the parts of yourself because they act the way you want them to...

It’s finding full love and acceptance of the parts of you that you want to reject completely.

It’s loving yourself enough to hold space for yourself when you’re having a freak out moment without trying to change it.

It is about forgiving and loving yourself even when you’ve had a time of self-hatred take over.

It’s loving and holding yourself when you feel like you want to give up.

Self-love is accepting ALL parts of yourself, especially when they AREN’T acting the way you want them to ♥️

It is when you step into that expansive part of yourself, your Soul, and you love your human self so hard that your traumas, pain, limiting patterns start to meld into that infinite love you are constantly giving to yourself. You begin to feel seen, heard, held, & accepted just as you are. Insecurities and all! It’s this constant loving compassion from your Soul that begins to heal you from the inside out.

We weren’t created to be perfect. We were created to LOVE.

What part of you is calling out for more love right now? Share with me in the comments or a message ♥️

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