Physical Pain Releasing Healing

Hello Loves! Today I am bringing through a physical healing release for you all.

This healing will be working deep within you releasing underlying reasons your pain has manifested. It will help shift your subconscious blocks that might be preventing you from healing, so you can gently come into a more balanced state and let go of the pain.

Physical pain comes from an unbalanced, and unseen part of your emotional self. So if you have ignored and pushed away certain emotions, trying to make them go away by hiding them, they can snowball and eventually manifest in your physical body as pain or disease.

Be open to hearing anything that your emotional self or spirit has to say during this healing. Don't push it away but be open and let it all flow through you like a river.

Once you accept this healing, find a comfortable position , lying or sitting, and maybe put some relaxing music on and grab a journal to write down your experience when you are finished.

After 30 minutes notice if the pain has decreased. If it needs a bit more healing, just invoke the healing again. Repeat whenever you wish!

When you are ready just say


Sending you all so much love! Please share your experiences below!


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