No time for Self-Love?

♥️ Sometimes it feels hard to set time aside for our personal soul exploration and healing journey. We can find a million reasons why other things are so much more important that feel completely valid, so we get stuck in a pattern of not making time for ourselves. We keep our heads lifted and hush our own needs for self-love in the name of “responsibility.” We become martyrs in hope to receive some kind of outward validation that will feed these wounds reaching out for love and more Soul.

What would happen if you allowed yourself to explore the deep longings for fuller expression? How would it feel if you allowed yourself to paint a picture that you didn’t feel the need to control through technique or intellect? 👩‍🎨 Pour your Soul all over your life’s canvas with no plan, arms open wide making room for your own expansion.

Soul Inquiry time! ♥️✨

Take a deep breath and put your hand on your heart and answer these questions without holding back. Don’t judge any of it! Just let it flow!

✨What will it take to give myself permission to explore my Soul deeper?

✨What will it take for me to let go of the need to know the outcome of my exploration?

✨What do I need to express my true self/SOUL without fear?

✨What can I do right now to step deeper into my Soul?

Listen, when you are expressing your true self…. your SOUL, you are helping this world HEAL in more ways than you may know! 🔥 It creates HUGE ripples into the collective consciousness that helps more people step into their light! Do not underestimate the power of living in your truth. It is beautiful, powerful, and we all need it! 🌞

Share your feelings with me in the comments!

Sending you so much love!


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