Karuna Reiki Healing

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Hello Loves! Today I am bringing through a Karuna Reiki Healing for you all. Karuna Reiki has transformed my own life in many ways and I want to share this energy with you all.

I created this healing today to work deeply within each of you personally in the area you wish to focus on. So take a deep breath and set your intention for the area in your life or body that you wish this healing to work on for you.

This healing will run for 80 minutes once activated.

Once you are ready and have your intention in mind, feel free to play some soft music and find a place to relax. Then to accept and activate this healing say

"I accept this Karuna Reiki Healing NOW"

Sending lots of love to you all!

Feel free to share your experiences below!


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