Embrace Your Shadows...

Embrace your shadows

they are full of your Mystery

like wild rivers overflowing with your

unique Soul Medicine.

Take a drink, remember

the wholeness of who you are.

It is my favorite part of the day, where my house is filled with golden light and shadows dance on the walls. It is almost as if this time of day opens a gateway into the other world. With a vase of wilting flowers on my desk, I look into the shadow it casts on my wall next to me. It is like I get to know a whole other side to something I love.

What if I were to allow myself to fall into its shadow believing and trusting that it is just as real as the petals and leaves right here in front of me? Can my consciousness reach inside a shadow, like my fingers can touch a fragrant blossom? And if that is possible, then can I fall into my own shadows and know myself more deeply? My passionate exploration of my own Mystery continues to grow everyday…

How do you feel about exploring your shadows?

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