Divine Blueprint Pyramid

Hello Loves ❤ This healing session is to help align you with your Divine self and the path that is for your highest good. Some time ago I was in meditation and saw my Divine Blueprint Pyramid. It is an interdimensional Pyramid that contains all the codes and wisdom for me personally. It is like a personal Akashic Records. I feel that everyone has these and the more you are in your own Divine Blueprint Pyramid, the more you are attuned to your highest potential. It is very deeply healing, brings clarity, awakens, and upgrades you on all levels.

In this healing session, you are energetically placed inside your own unique Divine Blueprint Pyramid. So find a place to relax, put on some healing music, and allow yourself to go into a light healing meditation and notice what you experience during this healing. When you are ready say

"I accept this Divine Blueprint Pyramid Healing now"

I suggest using this daily for at least a week. Notice how you shift! Feel free to share your experiences! Sending lots of love ❤


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