Creativity and Magic of our Inner Child

Updated: Jan 26

It may be almost winter here but I am cozied up in my personal season of spring. My creativity is flowing and bringing loved stories to life 🍃

I was so close to my Great Grandmother when she was alive. We talked almost everyday ever since I was a little girl. She is and always will be my loving solace. I feel connected to her lately - in my soul. I find that her energy guides and supports me through all I do. I find so much healing through the memories I have with her.

My Great Grandmas house was a magical and whimsical house. Vines and leaves covered the whole house and changed from lush green into a beautiful fiery orange in the Autumn 🍂

I was guided to draw & paint her house, my second home, to enliven these precious memories I hold. Anytime I create something either through writing, art, or music - old memories open and bloom, becoming alive again. This is one of the reasons I believe so deeply in the healing power of art and creativity.

Move back into the moments where you felt the awe and wonder of being a child to heal and nourish your inner child. When you playfully connect to your inner child through creativity you are bringing this into your present moment where you are merging with this child like magic.

I invite you to explore and connect with your inner child, write out story of a magical memory you have, paint a picture of something that made you light up when you were little, go walk in the woods, put your hands in some dirt!

Don’t be afraid to play, it brings out the magic in everyday life!

Sending you all so much love,


(My little brother Ethan and I)

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