Beyond the Edges of Your Tides

The Earth holds the Sea

just as our bodies hold our emotions

the land shaped by the waves and tide

in the same way our bodies are transformed

by the rise and fall of our own inner waters

Our feelings and emotions shape who we are. When we come to realize that we are not the shifting tides of our emotions, but they are a part of us, we begin to stand steady and strong, grounding our hearts into the truth of who we are. No matter what storm comes our way, we are steady. Waves crashing on us, we don’t get pulled in by the current like before. We do not get lost in the depths, holding our breath as we fearfully struggle to breakthrough the surface for that lifesaving gasp of air.

You cannot drown in your emotions unless you believe that you ARE your emotions. You exist beyond the edges of your tides. You are always held, and supported. Remember who you are. Stand up in the greatness of your own truth!

You have the ability to create your life & how you choose to see the world. Your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions shape your reality. When you begin to stand empowered in who you are and realize the power you have to shift your life, everything shifts!

Do any of you have any emotions that you have been drowning in lately? Here is your reminder of how powerful and strong you really are!

Here is a healing meditation if you are ready to stand in your truth!

Take a deep breath and bring your awareness to the center of your heart. Feel into your heart and allow your consciousness to go deeper and deeper within your heart, until you begin to see your inner light. This light is the beautiful truth of who you are! This is the part of you that is connected to all life. Your light is made of unconditional love, peace, and wisdom. All of the answers to all of your questions live in this light of who you are. Sink deeper and allow it to consume you until you are nothing but this radiant glowing light. Now when you feel that you are one with this part of you, imagine this radiant loving energy flowing into every aspect of your life. Allow it to calm your storms and to shine in the depths of who you are. Allow it to completely transform everything that has been holding you back. This beautiful light washes into every hurt, pain, and trauma that is now ready to heal. You feel a calming peace begin to make home within you. You are not your stories, your emotions, or your struggles. You are this beautiful light. Feel this light grounding into who you are on all levels and imagine it pouring over into your physical life. Once you feel it radiating into all of your reality, take a few deep breaths and notice how your state of being has shifted.

Would you like to receive a healing?

To receive the healing energy of Divine Unconditional Love, just say YES

Let me know how you feel after this! Share this with a friend or family member that could benefit from this Soul reminder and healing.

I am sending you all so much love!


P.S. I took this picture last year when I was visiting the Cliffs of Moher. I felt like I was coming home. ♥️ The magic here is something that everyone should experience!

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