Ready to End the War Within?

You are not alone, I promise you that!

Life is wildly beautiful, and in the darkness, we learn how to shine our light.

The light can be experienced in many different ways. The light IS consciousness, so we may be afraid of expanding our consciousness if there are parts of ourselves we do not wish to face; Like shame and unworthiness. It is like we are scared of being spotlighted, we don’t want ALL parts of us to be seen, so we hide.

On a subconscious level, we feel shameful, unloved, and unworthy, and in our lives, we experience rejection repeatedly, which just validates these feelings and patterns in us even further. No wonder when we begin to step onto the spiritual path, we find ourselves going through a profound healing journey.

As you deepen the connection with your Soul, your path will walk you through ALL aspects of who you are, and you become aware of your wholeness as you journey to the heart of your Soul.

There are parts of the light that we fear just as much as the darkness.

If you reject any part of yourself, you may have a subconscious fear of being seen that blocks your own Soul light. You may do your best to banish the rejected pieces of yourself, forget them, and do all you can to keep it out of your mind and reality! But in truth, you can not truly reject any part of yourself.


We must learn who we are, mind, body, and Soul, with courage! We will only find true happiness and peace through self-acceptance, self-love, and self-compassion. You have the power to step into the innate wisdom of your Soul and guide yourself through the fear of who you really are. Come home to yourself!

Bring back those parts of yourself that you have rejected and look at them with wisdom and love. How can you forgive yourself? How can you forgive others? What will it take to heal?

Be unconditionally compassionate as you explore these parts of yourself. Can you see your truth at the core of this rejected piece? Without emotion? Without thought?

You are NOT your experiences.

You are NOT your emotions.

You are NOT your thoughts.

You HAVE experiences.

You HAVE emotions.

You HAVE thoughts.

Contemplate this today:

“Who am I at the heart of my existence?”

The day I decided to quit fighting with myself, my whole life changed. I realized that I would have to learn to accept ALL myself, learn from ALL of my experiences, and GUIDE my thoughts to positively support me and my life - because that is the only option with lasting happiness.

You are whole. You are a part of the Divine, infinitely and innately connected. Live your life through your Soul’s wisdom, and you will be able to see straight through pain. You may still feel it and experience the ups and downs of ordinary life just like us all, but you will not be caged by it.

There are so many of us on this self-love journey! Leave a comment below to let others know that they are not alone!

Are you ready to end the war within?

I am sending you so much love,


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