Mar 6, 2018

Opening My 3rd Eye

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Hi Harmony, I was curious what you would suggest the best way to start to open my 3rd eye? I have been meditating and trying to open up just curious if you had any certain suggestions.


Thank You,


Mar 6, 2018Edited: Mar 6, 2018

Hey Sheri! I feel that the biggest thing to work on first is fear and trust. I feel that its super important to dive right into any fears you may have surrounding your abilities and connection with the spirit world. If you have subconscious beliefs (for example) of "The spirit world is not safe", "If I use my abilities I will be punished" or "My gifts are a curse" you will have a hard time opening your third eye and opening fully into your gifts. Find how you deeply feel about it so you can see where you have blocks surrounding it and then work on them.


Here is some questions you can ask yourself.

Why do I want to open up my 3rd eye?

What will happen when I do?

What benefit is there by opening my 3rd eye?

What is the worst thing that would happen if I do?


Questions like these will help you see if you have any limiting beliefs surrounding it. Once you work through any fears that come up and you feel at peace completely about all of it then you can go in to trust. Trusting yourself is HUGE in opening up. If you don't learn how to trust yourself and your gifts you will literally brain fuck yourself and always need external vaildation.


Here are some questions to ask yourself about trust.

Do I trust myself?

Can I trust myself?

If no, why?

What will it take to learn to trust myself completely?


So work on those first and then there are so many exercises and meditations you can do to focus on opening your 3rd eye. Honestly once the fear blocks and trust issues with yourself are out of the way, in my experience it is so easy after that.


Also, its important that you work on clearing and balancing all of your chakras. Just like if you are trying to release excess weight you can not focus on only one area to lose. It just doesn't work that way. By eating healthy and exercising you release weight all over. But you do have the choice to exercise and strengthen certain areas of your body even more. So work on all of your chakras to being them into balance and health and then strengthen your 3rd eye if that is what you wish to do.


Going into meditation you can focus on your 3rd eye imagining that it is being cleared by a Divine light and imagine opening it just like your physical eyes.

You can do guided meditations to work on your visualization techniques. The easier it is for you to visualize the easier it is for you to receive intuitive visions, see auras, spirits, energy, and all that jazz....


Practice really can build strength. You can practice by finding a partner to assist and imagine looking into their body to see where they have pain.

Practice looking at Auras

Get a deck of playing cards and try to guess if it is a red or black suit before turing it over by using your 3rd eye.

Don't get discouraged if you dont get them all right. The more you work with this energetic muscle, the stronger it will be and the more you practice the easier it will be to receive intuitve guidace on the regular.


I hope this helps!

Sending you lots of love!








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