My passion is inspiring others to consciously create a life that they naturally fall in love with by diving deep within to heal their inner world so their outer world will reflect that. I crave the discovery and unfolding of all I am so I can bloom fully - so I may experience the depths of myself, life, & the Divine; this feeds my passion. This calling pulls me to this space between worlds, and here I can help others see beyond what our eyes will show us.


It is a journey of self-transformation, where you come back to yourself to find who you really are and all that you are capable of. Exploring and re-aligning your beliefs about who you are—mind, body, and soul—will allow you to step fully into who you are with confidence, and you will begin to live a soul led life full of purpose.


I've been intuitive and sensitive to energy my whole life, even though I didn't always understand my gifts until my first awakening. It happened 13 years ago, and that is what led me on my path of healing, magic, and Soul-searching.


I had this deep longing to help people in some impactful way so, after a while of trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life, I became a Nurse. I worked as a Nurse for three years, but I still felt the longing to help people in a deeper way. That is when I knew that I had to allow my own healing journey and practice shift into something bigger. That is when my Soul pulled me entirely onto this path of stepping into the role of a healer, teacher, and writer while creating work that nourishes soul growth.

I have 13 years of experience with soul-transformative work and 7 years of working with clients, teaching workshops, guiding meditation groups, and facilitating transformative group sessions. I am certified as a Usui & Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, La-Ho-Chi Facilitator, and Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner.


  I am devoted to learning as much as I can about healing, self-growth, spirituality, and the mind/body/soul connection. I feel that I have learned the most from my own inner journey and spiritual practice. 


I became a Womb Keeper after receiving the 13th Rite of Munay-Ki by an amazing Medicine Woman that the Universe brought into my life. I have since passed this Rite onto many women at Red Tent gatherings, Goddess Gatherings, and even remotely.


My life has taken me to many places, and I have so much gratitude for my experiences. My heart and soul pours into my work, and I trust that it will always reach everyone it is meant for. 


Don't put out your fire because of their fear to burn. You burn with love and passion as brightly as you can, and when the fire of your heart consumes you, you will step forth as your own sun and light up the world.


Sending you all lots of love!



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